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All the important, major events in the story.

Last Millennium of AD Era
AD 4000-AD 9000

Joker Millennia
JC 001-JC 2040 : JC 2087-JC 2397
JC 2400-JC 2878 : JC 2899-JC 2989
JC 2992-JC 3185 : JC 3199-JC 3239
JC 3330-JC 3967 : JC 3968-JC4082
JC 4090-JC 4300

The Era of the Will Galaxy
Time in The Will era is measured in the years actually passed by Amaterasu, but in Joker time it is 5,670,000,000 years in length.
JC 5899-JC 7777

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